In 2008 over 200 Victorian doctors signed a petition challenging the anti-conscience clause contained within the Victorian Abortion Law Reform legislation which coerces all Victorian doctors to participate in abortion.

This anti-conscience clause continues to exist despite being in contradiction to the protection of the freedom of conscience enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia has been a longstanding signatory country.

This anti-conscience clause is also out of step with all other legislatures in Australia and is at variance with the Good Medical Practice Guide of the Australian Medical Council, the code of ethics of the Australian Medical Association and the ethical guidelines of the National Health and Medical Research Council

Despite this and the concerns of so many Victorian doctors and other health-workers, including the AMA, this legislation remains unchanged to this day.

Unfortunately too many doctors and other health-workers remain unaware of the grave implications of this extreme and unprecedented piece of legislation, and the manner in which their professional integrity and their basic human rights have been undermined.

We hope that this website and our organisation will serve as a resource to inform those who may be affected by this legislation and may one day result in the overturning of this anti-conscience legislation and the protection of the freedom of conscience for all Victorians.

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