Social Identification and Mental Health

IntroductionGroup identification and mental healthGroup identification and adolescent mental healthMultiple group identifications and mental healthReferences Further reading  What are people's perceptions of themselves, and how do they view themselves? Because people's perceptions of themselves are affected by the environment they experience, they look outside of themselves to the social context. Identity […]

The Role of Breath Analysis in Diagnosing Disease

Key breath metabolitesCommon techniques associated with breath analysisCollection and analysis of stored breath samplesDiagnosis of disease using volatile biomarkersCommercial production of breath analyzers for disease detectionReferences Further reading Breath is an important matrix for analyzing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are generated within the body. These compounds travel through the blood […]

How Can Sleep Affect Men's Health?

Introduction What is Considered to be Appropriate Sleep? The Interrelationship Between Disrupted or Inadequate Sleep and the Manifestation of Disease Sleep and Erectile Dysfunction Sleep and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Sleep and Male Fertility Conclusion References Further Reading Sleep is known to affect several systems and processes in the body. […]

What is Self-Perceived Health?

IntroductionWhy is self-perceived health an important indicator in the healthcare setting?Methodological strength of self-perceived healthWhat factors affect self-perceived health?ReferencesFurther reading Self-perceived health is defined as the perception of an individual's health in general. It is a subjective perception of how healthy an individual feels. Health is defined as not only […]

The Road to HIV/AIDS Vaccination

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), first identified in 1984, causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The HIV/AIDS endemic has taken more than 34 million lives, and despite being out for almost 38 years there is no HIV/AIDS vaccine available for public use. This virus has exhibited a unique challenge in […]

What Diseases Can You Get From Mosquitoes?

IntroductionBackgroundProtective measuresDiseases by Mosquito TypeMalariaDengueYellow FeverZikaChikungunyaWest Nile VirusJapanese Encephalitis (JE)Lymphatic FilariasisReferencesFurther Reading Mosquito-borne diseases are infectious diseases that are spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes carrying the pathogens. They include Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria. Mosquitoes are among the vectors that transmit more than […]

Psychedelic Medicine: Past, Present, and Future

Psychedelics are a group of hallucinogenic drugs that alter thought, perception, and feelings by causing sensations that seem real but are not. Psychedelics come in a range of varieties, some natural, like psilocybin, and some synthetic, such as LSD. Psychedelics also cause other psychological and physiological effects outside of the […]

How is Reality Constructed in the Brain?

How the brain allows us to see an animal, know what the animal is, where it is in relation to us, and what it looks like in comparison to other things in our world is a phenomenon that is confusing to many. The neuroscience underlying this phenomenon suggests that we […]

The Effect of Anti-Inflammatories on Ovulation

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are drugs used to relieve pain, swelling, fever and other effects of inflammation. These are classified into multiple categories depending on where they act to arrest the inflammatory cascade. Many are available over the counter. A woman taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Image Credit: engagestock/ They are among […]