What are the Health Benefits of Cocoa?

Cocoa is most commonly associated with chocolate and has a variety of nutritional benefits that can confirm positive health attributes. The cocoa bean is an accident source of dietary polyphenols, containing more finale antioxidants than most foods. It is well known that polyphenols are associated with beneficial health effects, therefore […]

Grants fund drug development for devastating tropical diseases

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have received two grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) totaling more than $5.5 million to develop new treatments for two types of devastating parasitic infections common in sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America: river blindness and intestinal […]

What is a Viral Mutation?

Viruses can change. They can alter their genetic make-up. When these changes occur, the virus may become more or less of a threat to the human host. Virologists are therefore interested in tracking the evolution of the viral genome. When a virus infects a host cell its goal is to […]

The Relationship Between Climate Change and Global Social Medicine

Climate change has exacerbated the challenges of many individuals, particularly those who are living with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Therefore, addressing climate change is not only essential in preserving the future of our global environment but will also determine the long-term health impacts of the world’s most vulnerable populations. […]

How to Cope with the Loss of a Pet

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad and even heartbroken if you lose a pet. Pets are often a member of the family so it makes sense that you would feel sad when they are gone. How do I know if what I am feeling is normal? Some people feel sad […]

Working Towards Earlier Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Getting an early diagnosis for multiple sclerosis (MS) is important in ensuring better long-term outcomes and quality of life. The challenge, however, is that getting an early diagnosis for MS is challenging and diagnoses are currently made in advanced disease stages. Multiple Sclerosis. Image Credit: Lightspring/Shutterstock.com Current Diagnosis of MS […]