Many of the more than 30-Year-olds have precursors to heart failure-

A würzburg long-term study that 59 percent of the participants over 30 years of precursors already a weak heart showed showed. In the case of a large part of them no known risk factors however.

A study of 5,000 würzbur showed that 42 percent of the participants had at least one risk factor for heart failure, including many already in the age between 30 to 39 years. Most often, it was high blood pressure (45 percent), followed

  • Obesity (20 Percent). The Presence of these risk factors refer to cardiologist as stage A heart failure. Changes in the heart were found in 17 percent of the study participants, without symptoms had occurred, what the experts refer to as a stage B. This women was 78 percent, with an average age of 47 years.

    Warning signs müshot be taken seriously

    Professor Götz Gelbrich, of the study with his colleagues in "European Journal of Preventive Cardiology" published, does not explain why this means that about 60 percent of the persons examined were heart sick: "The stages A and B are precursors of heart failure. As visual impairment is not necessarily blindness, so a pre-stage of heart failure does not lead to weakness necessarily in a clinical heart. But the visual impairment is a warning sign that should be investigated medically, the stages A and B heart failure are warning signs that serious should be taken."

    Had surprised the experts, that of the persons in the stage B, about a third had no known risk factor. You assume, therefore, that it could, as yet, unknown risk factors, or that the limits, for example, when a heart chamber is considered to be enlarged would need to be checked. For this, the researchers in future follow-up studies, which take place every three to four years will be to watch closely whether or not these people have a heart failure with clinical signs (stages C and D) developed.