25 Celebrity Parents Who Have Tattoos Honoring Their Kids

From the day they’re born (and often before!), our kids have a permanent place in our hearts. But these celebrity parents wanted their kids to have another permanent place: inked onto their bodies. They didn’t need to look any further than their own offspring for the perfect tattoo inspiration, and […]

Here's When Ramadan Happens This Year (Tell Your Kids!)

This year, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins at sunset tonight, April 1. It marks the beginning of religious observances wherein many Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset. But while fasting is a major part of Islam, that’s not all that Ramadan is about — […]

Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

If St. Patrick’s Day caught you by surprise this year (isn’t it still January?) you are not alone. Or maybe your living room already looks as festive as a store window, and you’re simply looking for new ways to get the kids making shamrock decorations and leprechaun traps. Either way, […]