Report Mainz: Many Doctors pry mask obligation with certificates

Nationwide many Doctors make, according to a report of the ARD magazine “Report Mainz” certificates against the mask of duty, without examining patients before medical. According to a report in the magazine you support an Initiative that belittles the Corona, and the response to the pandemic as covered criticized. Fashion-Reportage […]

Enormous pandemic risk: Laschet Lockdown does not exclude in and around Gütersloh

You can see in the Video: Huge pandemic-risk – Laschet Lockdown does not exclude in and around Gütersloh. ARMIN LASCHET (CDU), MINISTER President OF North RHINE-WESTPHALIA are: “Of the approximately 7000 workers at the site as of this afternoon, 1.106 employees have been tested. With a total of 803 positive […]

Inglorious exception: Infected – and death in the Land of isolate numbers in Scandinavia

Sweden is isolated due to its continued high Corona-Numbers of its Scandinavian neighbors increasingly. After Denmark and Finland, had left Sweden in easing its travel restrictions on the outside, followed by Norway with a similar model. Corona-Pandemic Between high mortality and immunity: Swedish exceptionalism is the result of the game […]