Life expectancy in Multiple sclerosis increases

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that is not curable. Medications can slow the progression of the disease significantly. For the treatment of creeping forms have been approved for use in Germany new drugs, the very good results achieved, explains Prof. Dr. Christoph Kleinschnitz, Director of the clinic for neurology at the University hospital of Essen, for world MS day on may 30. May in an Interview with

What forms there are in the case of a Multiple sclerosis?

Small carving: In the case of Multiple sclerosis is typically between three forms are distinguished. The most common Form of the thrust is in the shape of remitting Multiple sclerosis (RRMS). This runs in batch mode. That is to say, it symptoms occur suddenly, for example, vision problems or spasticity, which subside after some time. After ten to 20 years, the relapsing Multiple sclerosis is not rare in the so-called secondary chronic-progressive over served progressive form (SPMS). The disease progresses slowly and continuously. Existing disabilities no longer are complete. Of these two delineate the primary chronic progressive form (PPMS). For this Form of MS onset of Disease to a slow progression of the disease without relapses is characteristic.

How läMS treat sst?

Kleinschnitz: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. The available treatment options to draw in principle, the misdirected immune system back on track and intervene at various Points in the inflammatory processes. There is a wide range of immune therapies is available. Of tablets over injections and infusion therapies different dosage forms are available. All these medicines are pursuing in the broadest sense, the goal is to affect certain parts of the immune system.

The disease is still not curable. What progress has been made in medicine in the last few years?

Kleinschnitz: Curable in the classic sense is MS, not yet. In the meantime the available therapy options the life expectancy of Multiple sclerosis was increased in patients, however. It corresponds to today, the General life expectancy of healthy people. Affected often show fewer disabilities, can have a positive effect on the subjectively perceived quality of life.

Great progress has served as medicine in the treatment of primary chronic progressive and secondary chronic-progressive made history forms. As explained, these are the forms of MS where the disease progresses continuously, without relapses. For the treatment of new tablets, and an antibody therapy for 2018 and 2019 are available. Both the advance of the disease progression be slowed. The therapies regulate with the MS associated inflammatory processes and can cause the Affected less disabilities occur. The disease progress can be delayed also.


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Fire flowed through my veins: a 14-Year-old mysterious inflammation describes a disease

“He would definitely die,” says his doctor about him. Jack McMorrow, a 14-year-old Boy from New York, made by infection with the Coronavirus – and a mysterious inflammatory disease in children, which may be a Sars-Cov-2 in connection. The “pediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome (MIS-C) occurs since the beginning of the corona of a crisis significantly more often than before the pandemic. Experts suggest that it is triggered by an Overreaction of the body’s own defenses to the Virus. Instead of protecting the body, the immune system attacks the tissue and organs.

Strong fever, tachycardia, extremely low blood pressure

What it feels like, has James had told his father of the “New York Times” and the news channel CNN. It all started were in mid-April with a slight fever and rashes on the hands. “We have dismissed it,” said John McMorrow. He thought his son might have used to common disinfectants.

Infection, Dissemination, Deaths

Covid-19 and the Kawasaki syndrome: How dangerous is the Coronavirus for children

However, in the following ten days it was gone Jack got increasingly worse, writes the New York Times. Symptoms such as Nausea, a swollen throat, dry cough, and a metallic taste had been added. His parents would be consulted via video chat Jacks children’s doctors and on a weekend, even an emergency clinic with him and visited.

Then he woke up one Morning and was motionless

His fever was so high that he “couldn’t move more,” said Jack CNN. “Even if other moving my limbs, it was painful. The only way I could describe it, is that it is almost like electricity or fire, feeling that flowed through my veins.” The “New York Times” said the 14-Year-old, the pain had flooded his body “in a throbbing, stabbing noise”. “You could feel how it flowed through the veins, and it was almost as if someone had injected a direct fire.”

Jack was taken to hospital. He had a tennis ball-sized lymph nodes, high fever, a raging heartbeat and a alarmingly low blood pressure. His resting heart rate was 165 beats per Minute, about twice as high as usual, because his heart is tried, the low blood pressure, which, in turn, oxygen and nutrient supply to vital organs is impaired.

Blood vessels throughout the body become inflamed

Jack had a Form of heart failure called cardiogenic shock, – said the head of the pediatric intensive care of the hospital, Steven Kernie, the New York Times, and Jack’s condition was “quite serious”. The blood vessels in his whole body had been ignited, so that the muscles of the vessels “controlled the flow of blood as well as they should”.

For days the Doctors tried to improve Jack’s health. But it was only when they him, steroids administered, which can have an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effect, they had success. Slowly the Boy recovered.

Meanwhile, Jack is back home. He will have to, for a time, steroids and blood thinners taking, the paper reported. He may have a heart valve cracks, and a residual inflammation of the heart, but the Doctors assumed that this to heal by itself.

Earlier, he had considered time to be an actor, told Jack of the “New York Times”. He even appeared once as an extra on the TV show “Gotham”. But before he became sick, he thought about studying medicine. And the interest in it is now grown. “I just want to make more out of my life, now that I got it back.”

Sources: New York Times, CNN

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Many of the more than 30-Year-olds have precursors to heart failure-

A würzburg long-term study that 59 percent of the participants over 30 years of precursors already a weak heart showed showed. In the case of a large part of them no known risk factors however.

A study of 5,000 würzbur showed that 42 percent of the participants had at least one risk factor for heart failure, including many already in the age between 30 to 39 years. Most often, it was high blood pressure (45 percent), followed

  • Obesity (20 Percent). The Presence of these risk factors refer to cardiologist as stage A heart failure. Changes in the heart were found in 17 percent of the study participants, without symptoms had occurred, what the experts refer to as a stage B. This women was 78 percent, with an average age of 47 years.

    Warning signs müshot be taken seriously

    Professor Götz Gelbrich, of the study with his colleagues in "European Journal of Preventive Cardiology" published, does not explain why this means that about 60 percent of the persons examined were heart sick: "The stages A and B are precursors of heart failure. As visual impairment is not necessarily blindness, so a pre-stage of heart failure does not lead to weakness necessarily in a clinical heart. But the visual impairment is a warning sign that should be investigated medically, the stages A and B heart failure are warning signs that serious should be taken."

    Had surprised the experts, that of the persons in the stage B, about a third had no known risk factor. You assume, therefore, that it could, as yet, unknown risk factors, or that the limits, for example, when a heart chamber is considered to be enlarged would need to be checked. For this, the researchers in future follow-up studies, which take place every three to four years will be to watch closely whether or not these people have a heart failure with clinical signs (stages C and D) developed.


  • Symptom Checker on the Internet are usually wrong

    Australian scientists have questioned how well "Symptom-Checker" on the Internet actually are. In the Medical Journal of Australia, you describe almost hair-raising results: Only about a third of all cases, the diagnoses were correct, and in case of emergencies, the Council, whether or not medical help was, or was not, to 40 percent in the wrong.

    The interest in health topics on the Internet is large: it is estimated that there are per Minute, about 70,000 health-related searches on Google. The extent to which patients find useful information, scientists have studied and came to a sobering result: 36 international Symptom-Checker provided in only 36 percent of the cases the correct diagnosis as the first result, and found only 52 percent under the first three results. Also, the advice on when and where medical care should be sought, only in 49 percent of cases applicable. In case of emergency, the Tools in about 60 percent of the cases were right, in the innocuous cases, by contrast, only 30 to 40 percent, because people have tended to be sent to often to the doctor.

    Tempting, but often unzuverläcasual

    The author of the study told me Ella Hill of the Edith Cowan University in Perth, the results should encourage people to Think about: "It is tempting to use these Tools to find out what is causing certain symptoms. But they are at best unreliable, and can be, at worst, dangerous." She pointed out that the lack of government regulation and data security the main problems with the quality of the Online Symptom-be Checker.

    Nevertheless, she holds health information from the Internet for a sensible Supplement: "These Websites are not a substitute for a doctor’s visit, but they can be helpful to provide further information as soon as you have an official diagnosis."


    Söder presents Corona-relaxations for Bayern

    After a week-long corona-related closures, restrictions, and limitations, to adopt the Bavarian Cabinet a comprehensive roadmap for loosening. There should be a long-term approach, said circles on Tuesday from the government. It will give a roadmap for almost all areas of school and day-care centres on gastronomy and Hotels to nursing homes. In addition, the Cabinet has to decide, whether the output restrictions have inventory or be loosened. What measures are relaxed, want to be Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and several Ministers at the lunch to be announced. You can see the press conference of Prime Minister Söder in the live stream.

    Grim Reaper scares bathers on the beach in Florida

    You can see in the Video: Reaper protested on the beach at Corona-relaxations.

    The death went, on the Friday on the beach in the U.S. state of Florida. There the lawyer, Daniel Uhlfelder was dressed as a grim Reaper. To protest against the fact that the beaches have been released in the Region again for the Public. In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic. His message, which does not want to long for everyone to hear: The Virus is still there and still lethal. These protesters in California, see it quite differently. They protest that all the beaches are re-opened. While some districts in the state had dared to take the cautious Opening up of their beaches, is California Governor Gavin Newsom to not at all agree. He left the beaches for part of the closing. And put the police and the coast guard for inspections. The question of how the current Situation is handled, splits, currently in California but also the country as a whole. Many believe that the pandemic was not claimed as bad and call for a broad easing of restrictions. Including many supporters of US President Trump are. On the other hand, those who warn caution stand. And before a second wave of Infection warn.