Ciara Says 'Awesome' Husband Russell Wilson Was 'Everything in One' During Delivery of Son Win

As far as Ciara is concerned, Russell Wilson is the MVP — Most Valuable Papa!

The singer, 34, joined Access recently for a virtual chat about her new venture as a WW global ambassador and life at home with her NFL star husband and three kids, including 9-week-old son Win Harrison.

Recalling her baby boy's "smooth," "amazing" birth on July 23, Ciara raved about her "pretty darn awesome" beau's jack-of-all-trades attitude in the delivery room.

"He was like everything in one," she praised Wilson, 31. "He was a cameraman, making sure the camera was set up right so we could get the angle when the baby comes out. And he actually helped pull Win out near the end, which was really sweet."

"So we got some memorable moments," Ciara added. "He [did skin-to-skin] with him. It was just very intimate and really full of love, more than anything. So I'm grateful for that."

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Nowadays, Win is an "easy" baby who "loves to eat," his mom said: "That is all he does all day. No crying unless he's hungry or tired, but it's been a blessing having him."

And his siblings — sister Sienna Princess, 3, and brother Future Zahir, 6 — couldn't be further from feeling envious over the new addition to the family, whom "they're in love" with.

"[Win is] the sweetest thing to them. There's not one day where they're like, 'He's getting all this love.' They don't feel like a little brother and sister jealousy. None of that stuff with him," said the "Rooted" singer. "They're super excited about him and all they want to do is hold him."

In fact, "Sienna thought he was like a baby doll in the beginning," Ciara shared. "I had to show her early on that you can't [treat] him like a baby doll, because we all know how that goes: Baby dolls get slung around all kinda ways!"

As WW's newest ambassador, Ciara said she's "super excited to be a part of the 'Dub Dub club,' " as the program is a natural, "realistic" fit for her family and lifestyle.

"This is a new, special chapter for me," she revealed. "[Parenting three kids] plus everything I'm doing with music and business and everything, life is really hectic. But what's really cool about being part of the Dub Dub family is that it's a convenient world for me."

"And I say that because before, I would try extreme plans that weren't realistic for long-term plans and purposes. And now, being part of the Dub Dub club, WW, I'm able to have a plan that's perfect for me," Ciara added.

"And it's also really fun! I'm super excited about diving into everything and going on this new journey," she raved. "I gained 65-and-some-change lbs. with my little baby Win, so I'm excited about grinding away, one day at a time, trying to get back to pre-baby space."

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