Back pain: The three anti-inflammatory drinks that could help ease back ache

Inflammation of the spine is known as ankylosing spondylitis. It can lead to back pain and stiffness. Why not have an anti-inflammatory drink to ease the discomfort?

The NHS confirmed ankylosing spondylitis is a long-term condition, more prevalent in men.

Aside from back pain and stiffness, other tell-tale signs of the disorder include fatigue and swelling in the joints and tendons.

Although the symptoms can come and go, it can gradually become worse and worse.

The exact cause of the condition is unknown, but the NHS believe there’s a link with a particular gene, known as HLA-B27.

There’s no cure for the condition, and it’s not possible to reverse the damage it’s already done.

However, treatment is available to relieve the symptoms and to help delay its progression.

Spine Health acknowledges there are three “natural remedies” that “soothe your back”.

One pain-relieving strategy is to regularly sip on turmeric milk. The Asian spice beholds anti-inflammatory properties.

An easy way to enjoy turmeric milk is to mix 1/2tsp of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk.

For those wanting a more sweet taste, honey or stevia can be added to the beverage.

Spine Health recommends drinking turmeric milk before bedtime to allow the anti-inflammatory properties to work while you sleep.

Another anti-inflammatory drink that could help ease back pain is tart cherry juice.

Spine Health noted that cherries are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

The best way to notice a difference with cherry juice is to have a glass of it everyday.

One more drink to consider trying is ginger-green tea, which is available in tea bags.

Over a period of time, drinking these beverages will enable “anti-inflammatory agents to build-up in your bloodstream”.

The NHS declared painkillers and anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) medication work by reducing inflammation.

These medicines are recommended to treat ankylosing spondylitis due to their anti-inflammatory properties – just like the beverages.

Other treatment methods for the spine condition include exercising and physiotherapy.

The NHS explained: “Keeping active can improve your posture and range of spinal movement.”

However, exercise sometimes needs to be supplemented with painkillers for distressing symptoms.

Treatment options will depend on the discussion you have with your general practitioner.

If you’ve got an achy back due to inflammation, see how you get on with those three anti-inflammatory drinks: turmeric milk, cherry juice, and ginger-green tea.

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