Best supplements for exercise: The supplement proven to boost exercise performance

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CoQ10 is a compound made by the body and stored in the mitochondria of cells. 

Mitochondria are in charge of producing energy and also protect cells from oxidative damage. 

But particularly as we age, CoQ10 production can decrease. 

Research has shown CoQ10 plays several roles in the body, but one of the main functions is to help generate energy in cells. 

Its other crucial role is to serve as an antioxidant and to protect cells from oxidative damage. 

As such, one of the main benefits of CoQ10 is to help with exercise performance. 

Oxidative stress can affect muscle function and therefore exercise performance. 

Also, abnormal mitochondrial function can reduce muscle energy, making it hard for muscles to contract efficiently and sustain exercise. 

CoQ10 has also been shown to help exercise performance by decreasing oxidative stress in the cells and improving mitochondrial functions. 

One study looked at the effects of CoQ10 on physical activity. 

Participants who supplemented with 1,200mg of CoQ10 per day for 60 days showed decreased oxidative stress. 

Supplementing with CoQ10 could also increase power during exercise and reduce fatigue, both of which can improve exercise performance. 

SUSTAIN GO! is a supplement that aims to deliver a sustained release of energy for people doing physical activity. 

Each SUSTAIN GO! gel also includes 40 mg of ubiquinol, the active form of Coenzyme Q10 which enables the energy production process that converts food into energy in our cells.

Dr Adam Carey, an accredited specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology with sub-specialist interests in endocrinology and nutrition, offered details on how ubiquinol works. 

“Ubiquinol is a vitamin-like substance that is the active and more absorbable form of Coenzyme Q10,” he explained. 

“Ubiquinol plays a crucial role in protecting and energising cells, but as we age our natural levels of ubiquinol fall.

“This makes it harder for us to generate energy from carbohydrates and fats in our cells.”

This makes it harder for us to generate energy from carbohydrates and fats in our cells, continued Dr Carey. 

This can limit our energy production and recovery and is especially important for athletes or those who exercise regularly.

He added: “Ubiquinol is essential for energy production.

“If you are involved in endurance sports, taking a supplement or product containing ubiquinol in will help the bodies vital organs continue to perform optimally and sustain your energy levels for longer during exercise.”

SUSTAIN GO! gels are vegan Friendly, dairy Free, gluten Free, and caffeine free, and available in three flavours – forest fruits, orange and lemon. The powder comes in red berry flavour. 

A box of 12 gels is available for £19.99. 

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