‘Calamine shortage’ Parents advised to ‘stock up’ where they can – chickenpox ‘explosion’

This Morning: Dr Sara discusses chickenpox

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One Twitter user advised parents to stock up on calamine lotion wherever they could find it.

They tweeted: “FYI parents I would advise you stock up on calamine lotion wherever you can find it from now.

“Apparently there’s a massive chickenpox outbreak and at the manufacturer level there is a shortage of calamine lotion.

“We spent two days searching for some in various pharmacies/supermarkets.”

Online, Tesco, Morrisons, Amazon, and Wilkos are currently out of stock of calamine lotion.

Boots and Asda still have calamine products available to buy on their websites.

Express.co.uk is currently awaiting a response from the Department of Health as to whether the shortage of calamine lotion and rise in chickenpox cases is official.

Chickenpox has several symptoms, the most common of these is an itchy and spotty rash.

This rash can appear anywhere on the body.

The NHS say these spots can also:
• Spread or stay in a small area
• Be red, pink, darker, or the same colour as surrounding skin
• Be harder to see on brown and black skin.

Furthermore, these same spots may start to fill with fluid and become blisters; said blisters may then burst and form a scab.

While these spots are the main symptom of chickenpox, other symptoms include:
• A high temperature
• Aches and pains
• Loss of appetite.

Although chickenpox is most common in children, it can also affect adults.

Despite the uncomfortable symptoms, chickenpox is a common condition.

It is recommended any individual with chickenpox should stay away from work or school for at least five days after the spots have appeared.

The NHS recommends someone speak to their GP if they’re not sure whether or not it’s chickenpox or if they’re concerned about their child.

After the chickenpox has cleared, the virus remains in the body and can return as shingles later in life.

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