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Corona-Tests for the travelers decided to

Return at the end of their vacation and leisure travellers from high-risk areas should in future be on your arrival at German airports on the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 tested. This can help you to have to go into quarantine. Also travellers from Non-risk countries can be tested. The Tests are intended to be for the be Concerned free of charge.

Currently, travel in Europe is time. This is also the risk that travelers to a rise in infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is increased. The conference of health Ministers has now decided that travel returning in Germany, free of charge, to the novel Virus testing.

Mandatory quarantine for travelers from high-risk areas

As the Berlin Senate administration for health, care and equality in a press release writes, switching to the Ministers, and senators of health of the countries in a telephone conference together with the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, the expansion of the trial offer on the Coronavirus in trip returning decided.

The background is that the risk of the introduction of the new infectious agent should be minimized to Germany by trip returning from abroad. It was agreed that the travellers should be tested from high-risk areas in principle. To ensure this, be set up at the airports test. The information suggests that the cost for the Test will be taken.

It remains the principle, who is arriving from so-called high-risk areas, is subject to a 14-day mandatory Quarantine, unless travelers provide a negative Test. Information on the expulsion is to be updated by international risk continuously by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and on its website.

Drop-out maps for travelers

As it says in the message, can also travelers from Non-risk countries, within 72 hours after entry into Germany. Here, the costs are covered also.

For air-, ship-, Bus – and train so-called drop-out maps travelers are re-introduced. The RKI shows on his website how such a form for passengers looks like. According to the Berlin Senate administration for health, care and equality should be carried out with the support of the Federal Minister of the interior spot checks.

Furthermore, at border entry points, random checks in the Bus, rail and road transport should be made and an information campaign to inform travelers on Hygiene and quarantine rules, as well as the test opportunities to teach.

Concern due to the possible introduction of the Virus

“We are experiencing a dynamic global infection happen and we are in the journey time. We must have the concern that the Virus will spread to Germany,“ said Berlin health Senator Dilek Kalayci, Chairman of the conference of Ministers of Health.

“It is good that the conference of Ministers of Health, together with the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn these risk minimisation measures. We set the focus on the Test and the test options for all travelers.“ (ad)

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