Coronavirus shock warning: People who get COVID-19 are staying sick for MONTHS says expert

Thousands of Britons have reported a failure to recover from coronavirus infections despite surviving the virus.

Dr Charles Shepherd, a Medical Adviser for the ME Association, proposed the idea of a “post-COVID syndrome”.

The expert joined a BBC Radio 5 Live discussion which callers who revealed they had been ill for up to four months.

Dr Shepherd said: “Most people thought this was just another infection which you got over.

“Then we found out there were people going into hospital who were seriously ill.

“But there’s this huge group in the middle who’ve been self-managed, who are fit, young adults who’ve never had any problems with their health before, and they’re just not getting over it.

“I think there are two groups here with probably what’s best described as post-COVID syndromes.”

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