Day-care centres, schools, cinemas and theatres: From Monday, new Corona apply in Bavaria-rules

Stage by stage go to the relaxations after the Corona-Lockdown: After the Restaurants and Hotels, fitness studios, dance schools and outdoor pools, theatres and cinemas come now to the series. Also in the case of schools and daycare centers, there are further steps.

What are the relaxations are there for schools and day care centers?

According to the Ministry of education, around half of all year of course was before the Pentecost holidays, to the schools, well, then all of the students for a week to go to school.

From Monday the children will be allowed back in the kindergartens in the school year 2021/22 required to attend school. The same applies for children who are faced with the Transition to Kindergarten – you can then go back in the crib. Approximately 80 percent of the children could attend their institutions. 1. July is supposed to be the all possible.

How is it more in universities and colleges?

According to the state government, the Lecture is still primarily through Online teaching make sure. In addition to the already existing possibility of presence events – for example, if the laboratory or work rooms are required to perform, in compliance with the Minimum distance are also conducted seminars with a maximum of 30 participants.

What changes when you travel and at the borders?

From next Tuesday to rule on the German borders of largely normal operations. EU citizens and Swiss can then re-enter freely, so that, without controls and quarantine regulations, with a few exceptions. For example, the checks for foreigners that come with the plane from Spain, until 21. June ends. However, the limits were about to Austria and the Czech Republic are already open.

The Federal government also has a travel warning for tourists due to the Corona pandemic for more than 160 countries outside of the European Union up to 31. August extended. For 29 European countries – including the 25 partner countries of Germany in the European Union, especially from the EU leaked the UK, and the States of the border inspection-free Schengen area, which is not a member of the EU: Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – are repealed, the warnings on Monday. For Spain and Norway, and only later, because there are still Entry bans apply. To the extent to which noted the consequences of such at the airports or travel agencies, it remains to be seen.

Theatres, cinemas and concert halls are allowed to open it again – the most important questions and answers

Culture-creating a spark of light at the end of the Corona tunnel is now: From 15. June, theatre companies, cinemas and concert halls are allowed to open again. You must bear in mind – as well as restaurants, Hotels, spas, and sport studios – the now-usual safety precautions.

Where must wear a mouth-nose cover?

As for the mouth protection, apply in the culture operated stricter rules than in guest houses or sports facilities: In the theatre or cinema, the masks not only when Entering and Leaving the premises as well as in the sanitary areas are worn, but also during the screening in the auditorium. And, although the spectators were at a distance and "not entertain, because they Yes a movie schauen", as Thomas Negele, President of the umbrella organization of the German film industry (Spio), criticized in Wiesbaden. Also the staff will be wearing mouth-nose-covering.

What are the distance rules are there?

In enclosed spaces may occupy up to 50 spectators in an outdoor arena for up to 100 spectators are allowed. Couples or families can sit together, as Thomas Black says from the German stage-club in Ingolstadt. Otherwise, the places in between visitors are to be kept free. In cinema, the distance to be rules as simple to comply with, says Negele. In addition, visitors could not leave after the screening, for example, via the emergency exit of the cinema hall, in order to meet the spectators, who come to you in the hall.

The operation with less visitors is to be profitable?

Economically viable the game is operating with a reduced number of visitors to the stages "in any Weise", Black says. That’s why some theaters have decided not to open this summer at all – for example, the state of the theatre in Bamberg, Coburg, Nürnberg, Erlangen and Würzburg, as well as many private theatres such as the Comedy at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich. Some platforms offer an Online program, the state Opera house and the Residenz theater in Munich, for example, invited last visitors to guides or sample visit.

Some of the cinemas have been completely shut down, reported to Negele. Where it usually is so, that these firms already bad and then the Corona-Pause was added. More cinema closing to avoid, calls for the skilled person to quickly state bridge aid.

What are the relaxations mean for the gastronomy in the culture of the company?

Bar or Café to stay in the theatres closed, or alternatively, sold only drinks in closed bottles, such as wine or champagne bottles, as Black says. In addition, there is some drama houses, the Consideration of shorter pieces select and play them without interruption, so that the question after a pause of gastronomy here. Then the usual break crowds would be dropped in the toilet areas.

In cinemas, the gastronomy are allowed to open again, particularly important is the sale of Snacks, sweets and drinks to Take away in the cinema but. "Cinema life is not by admission, but of confectionery."

What are the implications of the Corona break on the design of the program?

Because on the stage distance must be kept, could be played any pieces with groups or crowd scenes, says Black. Also, the length of the pieces is a crucial factor – for the case that a house decide to waive breaks. Then the piece should not last longer than 90 minutes.

Many cinemas will show films which they had prior to the Corona-Lockdown in the program. After the restart, as that of the agent film "Tenet" with Robert Pattinson. Important a Start of the &quot would be;Kaiserschmarrndrama" according to the book by Rita Falk. "This is like a bayerischer James Bond", Negele says, the dress of the people. The could need the cinema after the break good. Although he would have to be shown because of the lower number of visitors per room in case of doubt, in several rooms in parallel and to be able to have enough seats to offer. So it will be a total of fewer films to choose from.

Martin Moszkowicz, head of production company Constantin Film in Munich, holds it under the current guidelines, however, not possible to start the Film, as planned, in August, therefore, the cinema fans will be even longer on the "Kaiserschmarrndrama" will have to wait.

There are Tickets online or at the box office?

Here both variants are possible. Many of the box office, the employees are already behind glass walls, other houses, with plexiglass protection improved.

What could be in terms of Corona-relaxations else exciting?

Starting Monday, a mask is mandatory in the whole of the Bavarian Parliament. The AfD group has, however, announced that in their own offices and work areas, these do not implement. State President Ilse Aigner (CSU) announced, further steps to reserve it.

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