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Fatty liver disease treatable?

Fatty liver is the most common disease of the liver. Around one in four adults in Germany suffers – sometimes without even knowing it. Because the liver disease caused long as there are no direct complaints. Despite the high prevalence in the population, there is no direct treatment. A research team discovered the first drug that slows down fatty liver disease.

Researchers at the University of California School of Medicine in San Diego, discovered the first active ingredient that is in the location, the Fort of the widely used non-alcoholic fatty liver progress to thwart, so that the liver disease is not so quickly to more dangerous forms such as cancer of the liver or fatty liver Hepatitis (Steatohepatitis) develops further. The results of the research were recently presented in the prestigious journal “The Lancet, Gastroenterology and Hepatology”.

Why a fatty liver can be dangerous

Although millions of people in Germany are affected by a fatty liver, not notice it the most Affected, as the liver disease progresses over a long period of time complaint free. In General, a fatty liver will not be detected until in an advanced stage, when the liver is inflamed. Then, doctors speak of a non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). This is a precursor for dangerous diseases such as cirrhosis and liver cancer and can lead to liver failure.

Who is at risk?

The exact reasons for the emergence of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are not yet well understood. A part of the causes seem to be genetic in nature. Among the controllable risk factors for body weight and diet. According to the German liver help people with existing liver disease, Obesity, or Diabetes, as well as women in menopause are more at risk.

There is currently no treatment available

Currently, there is no drug treatment of fatty liver. Due to consistent Changes in the life style, can develop a fatty liver completely. This requires acceptance of the rule, significant Weight and a change in diet, coupled with increased physical activity.

“NAFLD has not been identified three decades ago as a disease – now it is widely used alarming far, affects about a quarter of all Americans and developed into one of the leading causes for liver transplants in the United States,” stresses the study’s lead author, Professor Rohit Loomba. A more effective treatment is absolutely necessary.

Active ingredient inhibits the blood fat production


The new active ingredient “IONIS-DGAT2” is one of the so-called Antisense inhibitors. The active ingredient inhibits the production of triglycerides, in the blood occurring type of fat. High values of this Blutfetts the storage of fat in the entire body to promote, including the liver.

The active ingredient was tested in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, Phase II study of 44 Participants. In those who received the drug improved without further intervention, the liver values. “These results showed a robust reduction in the Leberfetts without a corresponding increase in the blood fats,” says Loomba. It looked like as the active ingredient can liver fatty disease within 13 weeks of slow down, so the head of research. The active ingredient is now to be in a larger group of people tested, before it is available to the masses. (vb)

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