Julia Klöckner cooks with TV chef – before the broadcast, there is a barrage of criticism

Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner has advertised in the past more often for a more conscious handling of food. In a Video, you will want to make again the subject of attention. Stupid only, that you put your foot in several fat.

As of Sunday, the &quot radiates;Bild" the Format "Cooking with Lafer" from. On the side of the TV chef Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner is then. With only 25 Euro you want to prepare a healthy and fresh Three-course menu for four people.

Food in organic quality

A Video Teaser of the "Bild" on Friday has published, however, shows that the quality of the food enjoys, apparently, is not the highest priority. In the Video, you can see how Lafer buys some of the food in the supermarket. None of the products carry the organic seal.

While Lafer is still wearing while shopping, at least in the Video Teaser, a mouth-nose protection, renounce both he and Klöckner during cooking to cover both the mouth and nose. The Teaser image suggests, at least. The minimum distance of 1,5 metres you will not hold on the image. And: Klöckner holds the pepper mill, next to the pan.

The Ministry knew nothing of sponsors partnership

On top of that, the joint action of &quot is;Kaufland" sponsored. As the Ministry of agriculture of the "Tagesspiegel" on demand neither the Ministry nor the Minister of Klöckner was explained aware that there is a sponsorship partnership. On the question of why Klöckner wearing in the photo with Lafer no mouth protection, the Ministry said the "Tagesspiegel", that the Minister will be carrying everywhere there is a mask "where the mask duty herrscht". In addition, you try "basically, as good as möglich" To keep a distance.

On Twitter Klöckner has been criticized, especially for the quality of the food purchased. A User writes, for example, "Why, exactly, you bought the cheapest Ranzfleisch and this man supported, or rather inhuman, livestock in the stables rather than buying suffering-arm of meat, or to cook better vegetarian?"

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