Mum says contraceptive coil pierced her womb causing memory loss and depression

After having her third child, Trudy Truesdale wanted a long-term birth control option.

The 40-year-old decided to have the contraceptive coil inserted in December 2019.

But she claims that she soon started suffering with severe pain, bleeding, anaemia, chronic back pain and memory loss.

After doctors were unable to find the coil, she finally had it removed two weeks ago and discovered that it had pierced her womb.

Trudy said: ‘I had problems from the start.

‘I was bleeding really heavily, I was in a lot of pain and my weight started dropping.

‘I became anaemic because I was losing so much blood, I had an iron deficiency and I started losing my memory.

‘I was depressed and I had lower back pains with UTI issues to the point that I couldn’t pick my baby up.

‘I felt like I’d prolapsed the whole time.’

She ended up needing two key hole surgeries and it was eventually discovered lodged into her bladder.

Trudy, from Rogland Soland, Norway, said: ‘I really wanted it out so I went to the doctor and she couldn’t find it.

‘I ended up leaving the doctor bleeding really heavily and bruised.

‘I was referred to a gynaecologist and they decided it needed to come out so I went to A&E and had an operation that day because I was in so much pain.

‘It had pierced my womb and was lodged in my bladder which is what the pain was.’

Trudy says that as soon as she had the coil removed two weeks ago, her symptoms started to improve.

She had chosen the contraceptive coil as she believed it was a reliable form of contraception and she’s unable to take hormones for health reasons but she’s speaking out to warn other women of the importance of doing research.

She said: ‘I chose it because I’m not allowed hormones and was told there wasn’t any risks.

‘I was a bit foolish for not doing my own research.

‘I can’t even think about contraception now because I’m so traumatised.

‘It’s quite a dangerous apparatus and I want women to do their research before they think about having it.

‘Some people do have good results but I think if the problems outweigh the good then medics should rethink the methodology.

‘My memory is coming back now but I’m still constantly bleeding and I’m still in pain.

‘My self confidence is horrible and now I have scars.

‘One thing I’m not happy about is how I paid $100 (£75) for it and now I’ve even been left with medical bills and I had to close my shop for days while I was ill.’

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