Privacy-approved COVID Care solution ensures safe premises

Global biotech company, BLOK BioScience has launched a privacy-centric COVID Care solution, comprising a CE marked 15-minute test.

The end-to-end system allows organisations to monitor the safety of their premises through on-site testing and a digital pass platform that takes an ethical approach to data.

It is the only COVID-related health pass in the world that is ID2020 certified. 

The ID2020 Alliance advocates for people to have control over their digital ID, including how personal data is collected, used and shared.


With recent research from King’s College London showing that 18% of people with COVID-19 symptoms are self-isolating, organisations are expected to introduce test and trace solutions in-house to reduce the spread of infection in their sites.

At the front end of the system are two apps – BLOK Pass and BLOK Verify – which enable an organisation representative to check the health status of a person who wants to access their premises by scanning their phone.

The system then checks the individual’s health status against pre-selected entry criteria and a traffic light system signals whether they are fit to enter (green), are required to take an action such as a test (amber) or could pose an infection risk and so should not be given access (red).  

At the back end, organisations can configure their entry criteria around COVID-19 test results, symptom tracking, travel history, close contacts and vaccination records.

The platform also has an open API Gateway to allow for integration with third-party systems such as HR platforms, travel applications and Test and Trace.

With the Lancet Digital Health studies showing that privacy concerns are hampering the adoption of COVID-19 apps, BLOK Pass takes a ‘self-sovereign’ approach to personal data, allowing individuals to retain control of their information and identity. 


With organisations taking COVID-19 preventative measures into their own hands, an influx of innovative on-site testing platforms have been launched. For instance, PocDoc launched a COVID-19 workplace testing platform to help get Britain back to work.

In the APAC region, automation solution company Omron launched a UVC disinfection robot targeting the virus.


Chris Justice, BLOK BioScience president, said: “We’re working with a number of schools, care homes, event planners and airports to introduce an ethical and secure testing and digital pass solution that will build trust by protecting people’s health and privacy. With entire industries struggling, this trust is so important if we are to keep our society open safely.

“By combining our unique digital health pass with our fast, low-cost point-of-care testing solution, these forward-thinking organisations are minimising the chances of an outbreak occurring unchecked and protecting their people’s health, privacy, opportunities and – in some cases – whole livelihoods.

“It is clear that COVID-19 will remain alongside us for some time yet and, even when a vaccine is available, a system will be needed to manage the records. This is a long-term problem that requires long-term ethical and inclusive solutions to meet the health and data privacy needs of organisations and their people. That’s exactly what the BLOK Pass is built for.”

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