Saxony’s Prime Minister Kretschmer: The second Corona-wave is already here

Germany trembles, whether it is made of a second Corona-shaft. Of Saxony, the head of the government Michael Kretschmer says now, this was a long time ago. The combat flap “amazingly well”.

The second wave of Infection of the coronavirus pandemic has arrived, according to the Saxon Minister President, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) in Germany. "The second Corona-wave is already there. It takes place every day. Every day we have new foci of infection, from which very high Numbers könnten&quot be;, Kretschmer, düsseldorf &quot said;Rhine Post". dpa/Jan Woitas/dpa-Central image/dpabild Michael Kretschmer (CDU), Prime Minister of Saxony.

"Corona is the best proof for the Zusammenwachsen"

The task was to break with the health authorities in this shaft every day. The flap "amazing gut", Kretschmer said. Germany could proceed through the Federal System is much more precise than centrally-governed countries such as France or Poland. The Prime Minister could consider, which could be targeted for individual regions of the governed. "This is only in the federalism."

Kretschmer fond of the pandemic, a positive side: "The Corona pandemic is the first Central joint crisis experience in Germany. And the Nice thing is: The people in the East and the West in this crisis." 30 years after reunification, there is no difference. "Corona is the best proof that this country has grown together."

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