Shoppers Love The Scent of This Fall-Inspired Hand Soap So Much, They're Washing Their Hands More

Picking apples is a quintessential autumn activity. As the leaves change, nothing beats snuggling up in a soft sweater and heading to an orchard with your friends. But even if apple picking isn’t on this year’s agenda, there’s one easy way you can still enjoy the mouth-watering aroma of Red Delicious apples right from home. Bath and Body Works released a Pumpkin Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap that’ll bring the smell of an orchard into your bathroom (while battling COVID-19 germs at the same time).

This soap makes washing your hands much more festive by reminding you of apple tarts and pumpkin pies every time you use it. Its fall-inspired fragrance boasts notes of Red Delicious apples, pumpkins, and clove beds. With this trifecta of seasonal favorites, your space will instantly become cozier and warmer. Pick one bottle up for your bathroom and another for your kitchen to spread the autumnal cheer.

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The Pumpkin Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap contains vitamin E to nourish dry, overly washed hands, along with softening shea extract and aloe ingredients. It forms a rich lather under warm water that shoppers say makes their hands feel super clean. In addition to washing away dirt, sweat, and germs (a must during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic), the soap has a rich blend of essential oils that “makes me want sweater weather,” as one reviewer writes.

“This has become my new favorite fall scent,” a reviewer glowingly reports. “It’s the right mixture of pumpkin, apples, and cloves…Funnily enough, I keep smelling my wrists and hands after washing them because they smell that good.”

Another shopper states, “With its clean, warm, and refreshing scent, Pumpkin Apple is always at the top of my list when it comes to fall must-haves. In fact, I purchase it whenever it’s available because I never want to run out. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.”

The soap is a hit among moms especially, who say the product makes hand washing “less of a fight with the littles.” One mom calls it “fall happiness in a soap,” adding, “how can I not love a soap that encourages my kids to wash regularly because they love the fragrance so much?” 

While you’re stocking up on hand soaps, be sure to check out Bath and Body Works’ wide range of seasonal offerings. The line-up includes foaming hand soaps in fragrances like flannel, eucalyptus, and marshmallow pumpkin latte to carry you through the whole holiday season. After picking up products like the Pumpkin Apple Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, you might actually look forward to washing your hands dozens of times a day. 

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