Silence propagators: About half of all Infected shows no symptoms – but it is just as contagious

More and more studies suggest that a large proportion of infections with Sars-CoV is 2 symptom-free. A group of Italian researchers has now discovered some of the factors that may favor the Emergence of symptoms or even a serious Covid-19-history.

Not everyone who is infected with Sars-CoV-2, suffering from fever, cough or loss of taste. The results of a recently published study from the Italian place Vò let close. In the quarantine place almost all the inhabitants were tested. Thus it is found that About 40 percent of the Sars-CoV-2 infzierten people showed no symptoms.

The authors of the study, researchers from the University of Padua and of the Imperial College in London, want to show your results, once more, how important is the role of asymptomatic virus carrier. They published it in the prestigious journal "Nature".

About 40 percent of the Infected in an Italian village showed no symptoms

In the Italian town of Vò 3200 people live. At the beginning of the lock downs, 2.6 percent of them Sars-CoV-2 infected, a few weeks later, there were only 1.2 percent. At both time points, approximately 40 percent of the Infected but showed no symptoms. Only a few of them developed in the days after a positive testing of what.

Came to similar findings in another study from Italy already in the middle of June. This was on the Preprint Server "Arxiv" published, is not examined, therefore, even of uninvolved scientists.

The Italian researchers, Pietro Poletti analyzed therein 5484 people from in Italy, the most affected Region of Lombardy, which had contact to a Sars-CoV-2 infected Person. About half of the people, 2824, is proven with the Virus. Symptoms such as cough or fever developed, however, only 876 of them – so about a third.

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Also interesting is the observation that only 26.1 per cent of the under 60-Year-old, who had been confirmed with Sars-CoV-2, developed symptoms. From this, the researchers conclude that the probability of symptoms or Covid-19, increases with age. 6.6 percent of the Patients above 60 years, suffered a serious Covid history. As in previous studies, it was here that men had a higher risk for a critical history than women. Pietro Poletti/study Broken down by age and gender: the symptomatic infections from the Italian study.

In addition, the new study, the researchers from Padua, found out: they found that none of the children had been infected under the age of ten with the Virus even though they lived some with the infected people under one roof.

Asymptomatic Infected as the Virus-Carrier?

Many infections with Sars-CoV-2 are asymptomatic, and Affected individuals show no or nonspecific symptoms, has known for some time. Is discussed since then, their role in the spread of the Virus. Thus, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) writes: “TRANS-missions, in which the index case shows no or even no symptoms, play in Sars-CoV-2 Infection is a big role.” The show, among other things, the fact that the highest infectivity on the day prior to symptom onset.

The RKI writes that the viral load of the vagina in asymptomatic and symptomatic Infected under. This means that Someone who is infected with the Virus but shows no symptoms, so it most likely is not even aware of, can infect so many people, like someone who noticed the disease. The English-Italian group of researchers confirmed In their study, they found that the viral loads in asymptomatic Infected exactly as high as that of symptomatic Patients.

Similar, according to the RKI for the different age groups: here, Too, the viral load does not seem to “differ significantly”, that is to say: no matter, whether infant, child, adult, or Senior – all the Infected can carry the same amount of Virus.

Researchers alarmed: Approximately half of the Infected show no symptoms, but is contagious

Enrico Lavezzo, molecular doctors at the University of Padua, holding the findings of the asymptomatic virus carriers for the most important of the study: “it shows us that if we test a certain number of symptomatic patients are positive, we can expect the same number of asymptomatic carriers of the virus, which are much more difficult to identify and isolate,” he says roughly.

Lavezzo warns that asymptomatic cases can at least contribute equally to the spread of the Virus, such as those that show symptoms, as the virus load in both cases is the same. In the case of a symptomatic infection is more likely that the patient remains home, and thus anyone can be infected.

“On the other hand, someone with a symptom-free infection not at all aware of the fact that he is a carrier of the virus and, depending on your lifestyle and profession that could meet many people, without adjust its behavior,” concludes Lavezzo.

Coronavirus infection are the most common symptoms

What are the symptoms are now regarded as “typical” for the Sars-CoV-2 induced disease Covid-19, says the RKI. The loss of taste and smell are next to an elevated temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius and a cough, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea and a General feeling of weakness that is frequently observed signs of disease. The Robert Koch Institute RKI has the most common symptoms of a Covid-19-disease worn.

As researchers ENT Doctor Carol Yan of the University of San Diego have found up is the loss of smell and sense of taste is one of the surest signs of infection with Sars-CoV-2. They examined the data of 1480 patients had presented because of flu-like symptoms and a possible infection. 102 of the patients were tested positive to the new Coronavirus, with the remaining 1378, the Test was negative.

Sensory losses as a sure sign, neck pain, rather the all-clear

It turned out that the loss of smell and sense of taste with a ten times higher likelihood of infection with Sars-CoV, suggesting 2 as in any other infection. However, almost all of the patients were able to smell a short time to Overcome the disease again, and taste. The observations also show that the patients who complained of neck pain, were tested in San Diego rarely positive for the Virus.

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