Sore eyes: How to prevent eye strain

Working from home has a good few benefits, from extra sleep to spending more time with your family. However, many of us will be experiencing eye strain accompanied by headaches and fatigue. Holistic therapist and yoga and meditation teacher Phoebe Greenacre collaborated with Lenstore to teach us how to prevent eye strain.

How to prevent eye strain


You don’t need to take a load of painkillers to improve eye strain.

One technique to prevent eye strain is palming.

Phoebe explained: “Rub your hands together vigorously for 10 seconds to create heat and energy between the palms.

“Gently place your palms over your eyes and close your eyes.

“Take a few deep inhalations and longer exhalations as you start to relax.

“Feel the warmth and darkness start to slowly soothe and melt away any tension in the back of your eyes.

“Allow your hands to rest there until the warmth slowly disappears.”

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Another easy trick is to repeatedly blink for ten to 15 seconds.

This will stop your eyes from drying up and prevent overuse.

She advised: “Sit or stand straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed, neck straight, and look ahead.

“Blink your eyes very fast for 10-15 seconds.

“Gently allow your eyes to close, settle, and soften.

“Notice how the eyes feel. Try to repeat once at least every hour.”


The word zooming now means something different to us all, and this version of the word ISN’T about video calling friends and colleagues online.

Zooming is an eye exercise that will strengthen your eye muscles.

Phoebe said: “Sit in a comfortable position.

“Focus on an object in the distance and stay there for a few seconds.

“Move your focus onto an object closer to you and gaze at it for a few seconds.

“Move your focus to something close to you like your thumb.

“Reverse the gaze – first back to the middle object, then the far-away object.

“Repeat this exercise several times over a 2-minute period.”

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Figure of eight

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Phoebe said: “Raise your hand in front of you at eye level.

“Extend your thumb and focus on it.

“Start to move your arm (keeping it straight) in a figure of eight shape.

“Keep tracing for 30 seconds, then switch directions.”

Eye rolling

To make eye rolling worthwhile, you have to do it regularly.

This exercise can strengthen your eye muscles and enhance the shape of your eyes.

This is how it is done, Phoebe said: “Sit or stand straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and neck straight, and look ahead.

“Look to your right and then slowly roll your eyes up towards the ceiling.

“Roll your eyes down to your left, and from there down towards the floor.

“Do this in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.”

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