Student doctor shares lesser-known signs of depression on TikTok

Medical student Zachery Dereniowski has shared three tips on how to recognise depression.

The TikTokker, who posts under the name mdmotivator on the platform, regularly shares mental health-centric content with his 1million followers.

In one of his recent videos, he shares ‘things you might not know are symptoms of depression’.

The first sign he mentions is: ‘Feeling like you’re faking it, because what people see is so different from what you feel.’

The second he names is: ‘Struggling to sleep without the TV on, because total silence leaves you alone with negative intrusive thoughts.’

He ends the video with a third sign, saying: ‘Breaking down over things that are “small”, because you feel like your life is falling apart.’

The clip has the signs written out as subtitles as Zachery points towards them.

His clips are often filmed at beautiful locations – this one was shot near a waterfall.

Zachery is a co-founder of Mental Health Movement, which seeks to ‘to destigmatize and normalize conversations about mental health’.

He previously shared five warning signs of high-functioning depression on TikTok, which he said are:

  • ‘You can fulfil your obligations but collapse from exhaustion
  • ‘You feel like you’re constantly “faking it”
  • ‘You can be battling negative intrusive thoughts while also supporting loved ones
  • ‘You get physically sick when you take a break
  • ‘You can do what is “essential” to a high standard but neglect other things’

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