Suzanne Somers, 73, Says She Loves Aging: 'I've Got a Wisdom That No Young Person Can Buy'

Previously, the actress opened up about posing topless for a PEOPLE photo shoot, revealing that she would do it again in the future. The Three’s Company star also stirred up plenty of Internet heat with that now-famous Instagram photo she posted wearing her “birthday suit” in October 2019 — shot by her husband of 42 years, Alan Hamel.

As for how it feels to be one of the original fitness influencers, pre-Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, Somers says, "I think Billy and Jake and myself were around in a very lucky era because there wasn’t the amount of content there is now. I don’t know how you find your way to the top now."

Fortunately, Somers doesn't have to worry about that, because she is already there.

"One thing I love about aging — and I do love aging — I've got a wisdom that no young person can buy. You earn it."

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