The ‘Secret Magic Oil’ That Shoppers Say Makes Orgasms 'Incredible Every Time’ Is Now 19.98% Off for the Best Reason

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It’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day with a can’t-miss sale that’s both educational and totally unique. Sexual wellness brand, Foria, is offering 19.98% off their best-selling arousal oils and more for a limited time only. Now, we come across a lot of different sales each day, some of which that offer crazy big discounts or free stuff. But this particular sale caught our interest for its creativity.

Taking 19.98% off may seem like such a random discount, but there’s actually a very good reason behind it. As crazy at it may seem, 1998 is actually the year in which the complete anatomy of the clitoris was discovered. That’s not very long ago! Since “80% of people with female sexual organs need direct clitoral stimulation to climax” and the brand created an Intimacy Collection made to help close the pleasure gap, Foria wanted to highlight the clitoris in a big and unique way for International Women’s Day. Thus, you have the opportunity to save 19.98% on products that can help take your sex life to the next level. And who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what’s worth snagging, their Awaken Arousal Oil with Organic Botanicals is a product worth checking out. It’s a CBD-free version of their best-selling Awaken oil, and was made to “support female pleasure” in a way that helps you “have bigger, better orgasms.” Whether you’re looking for something a little extra to help get you in the mood or you’re looking for products to help spice things up in the bedroom, Foria’s arousal oil is perfect. Plus, it’s great to use with a partner or solo.

While Foria does specialize in CBD products, their CBD-free Awaken Arousal Oil is still a must-have for shoppers. As one wrote, “I used it internally (0.5 mL) and externally. It definitely made me more sensitive and easier to O. [My partner] kept saying how good I felt, so I think it made him more sensitive too! Not revealing my secret.”

Another reviewer praised the arousal oil for being a non-sticky lube. They wrote, “This is secret magic oil. It smells wonderful, lasts long and it’s not sticky. Leaves no residue either. It helps me get in the mood.”

One skeptical shopper who “didn’t think this would work” was pleasantly surprised at the results. “I’ve never tried an arousal oil before and I’m so thankful Foria was my first experience!” they wrote. “It’s weird because the feeling I get when I use this oil is very mild but it’s just enough. First time using it was amazing and surprising. Next day, used it and it still made my experience amazing. I use it now even when I don’t have sex and my body feels orgasmic. Thanks Foria!”

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Speaking of its benefits, one shopper said they’ve had the “best O ever” thanks to Foria’s arousal oil. “This oil has the perfect blend of all natural ingredients to help you reach the best orgasm,” they said. “My partner and I have used this oil many times and it feels amazing. I also like to indulge with this oil during my solo time and I’m never disappointed. 10/10.”

Another shopper raved over it, saying it’s “soooo good.” They wrote, “I am absolutely OBSESSED with this oil. I use it for self-pleasure and it has made my orgasms incredible every time. Can’t wait to try this with a partner.”

Foria’s International Women’s Day Sale is running from now until the end of the day tomorrow, March 8. That means you can snag the CBD-free arousal oil for just $32. No coupon code is needed. While you’re at it, be sure to check out all the other products the brand has to offer today.

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