Trump’s talking Corona-crisis in the USA small – but location is so bad like never before

In many Parts of the USA, the Corona pandemic is coming to a head. The new infection numbers climb to new records. The reports of death numbers seemed initially, however, not quite so dramatic. The good news? Or the worst is yet to come?

The images from the spring in New York have burned to many people: Long queues in front of Coronavirus test stations, auxiliary hospitals, on ships, in Convention centers or in Central Park. Rented refrigerated trucks, where corpses were kept for the funeral home was no more room. Meanwhile, the Corona has Situation in the metropolis on the US East coast improved significantly, but the Numbers are increasing in large Parts of the Rest of the country.

More than 3.8 million registered cases of 70,000 new infections per day

Around 70,000 new infections, the U.S. authorities shall notify, in the meantime, every day, especially from the South and West of the country, where it had been in the spring, for the most part very short and not very strict restrictions. According to many experts, the pandemic in some States – such as Florida or Texas – are largely out of control. In many places, the phase was, therefore, again slowed down the opening of the economy, the pauses or relaxations of the containment measures taken.

A total of more than 3.8 million people have been infected in the country with approximately 330 million inhabitants, yet it has been proved that Sars-CoV-2. Around 140,000 people died after an infection – more than in any other country in the world.

Trump outbreaks referred to as "Glutherde"

US President, Donald Trump, the bidding in November to a second term in office, had left in the fight to contain the Virus last major part of the governors of the Federal States and local authorities. He penetrates but a rapid return to normality, in order to recover the economy and schools can re-open. The high number of infections is to Trump an expression of the extended Corona Tests. The outbreaks he referred to as "Flammen" or "Glutherde", the rapidly would be deleted, as recently in an Interview with the TV channel Fox News. In addition, he stresses again and again that the United States "one of the lowest if not the lowest, mortality rate of Welt" had. dpa/Patrick Semansky/AP/dpa US President Donald Trump rejects masks in the Corona-crisis for themselves, actually – now he’s on a visit to a military hospital in Washington a mouth-nose protection is worn.

During the daily infection figures are sometimes dramatic increases, was decreased the number of deaths per day first week. Experts attribute this to many possible reasons: The people, the infected, newly, were, to a large part of the young and the young had a greater chance of a milder course of the disease. The hospitals in the country now have a few months experience with the Virus and have been able to improve their treatment methods. The testing capacity in the United States have been expanded in comparison to March, which is why infections may be detected earlier can be. The Wearing of masks is more widespread, though in many places, controversial.

"The Situation is as bad as never before in the USA"

All of this means, but it’s definitely not the all-clear, stress health experts. The number of the dead behind here, according to experience, the proven infections at least two weeks, said about the top health officials of the U.S. government Vice Admiral Jerome Adams. And since mid-July are listed per day, significantly more Dead, as many had feared. In April and may, more than 2000 Dead within 24 hours, usually much less were it, in part, currently the number is daily nearly at 1000.

"The Situation is as bad as never before in the United States and you device except Kontrolle", Peter Hotez from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, the Online Portal &quot said;Politico". At the same time fatigue and blunting do in terms of the pandemic and its Figures, said Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo of the University of California. "This is closed as a rocker – open, closed, open,. This does not help against fatigue."

Children hospitals in Texas, meanwhile, also adults

Some cities and municipalities warn again in front of excessive demands on their hospital systems, and funeral homes. So the children have, for example, started in the Texan metropolis of Houston is already the hospitals, thus, Conferred to provide for the discharge. In Texas and Arizona are in some cases rented out already as a preventive measure refrigerated trucks to serve as mobile storage centers for the bodies, as in April in New York. Reuters/Mark Humphrey/AP/dpa Corona Test in a makeshift Drive-in Station in the U.S. state of Tennessee.

In the million metropolis on the US East coast is looking with great concern at these developments and the easing of once-stringent restrictions on the brakes. Cinemas, museums and the interiors of Restaurants, Bars and cafes, for example, have to remain different as a planned closed. "New York is not the fact the peace of mind that our infection ist&quot rate is low;, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, returning the favor for in the spring, the support received from other Federal States with the shipment of medicines, protective equipment, and respiratory equipment said. "This Virus can and will cross the borders of Federal States. We know that."

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