Bindi Irwin Honors Her Dad’s Legacy With New Crocodile Hunter Lodge — & Gives a Nod to Daughter Grace Warrior

Proud doesn’t begin to describe the look on Bindi Irwin’s face as she announces the newest way she is honoring the legacy of her dad, the late Steve Irwin, alongside her brother, Robert Irwin, and her mom, Terri Irwin. In a video posted to Instagram yesterday, the Australia Zoo conservationists announced that the Crocodile Hunter Lodge is opening to the public very soon — and it will feature a special recognition of Bindi’s 1-year-old daughter Grace Warrior, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell.

“We are so excited to officially share that the Crocodile Hunter Lodge is going to be opening very, very soon,” Bindi says in the video. “This is such an exciting time for us as a family to be able to continue on what dad’s vision was for the Australia Zoo.”

Sneak peeks into the lodge are shown in the video, with a crocodile statue that guests can pose on, exotic animals wandering around, and relaxing cabins to stay in (including a wheelchair accessible cabin). There will also be a fine dining restaurant with locally sourced ingredients, which is named after The Crocodile Hunter’s granddaughter.

“The restaurant’s called ‘Warrior,’” says Terri. “Kinda reminds me of someone,” she adds, while looking at her daughter. “We have our beautiful daughter Grace Warrior, which is really cool,” responds Bindi. “And, Dad actually first coined the phrase ‘Wildlife Warrior,’ so it includes everything.”

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The Crikey! It’s The Irwins stars explain that this wildlife lodge, which will soon be open to the public, was a dream of Steve’s. “Steve always had a dream that someday, not only people could visit Australia Zoo, but also stay overnight,” Terri says. “Have the immersive experience of listening to the zoo animals after dark, being out in the wilderness, and being able to reconnect with nature.”

She adds, “It was so important to us to make his dreams come true with beautiful, luxury accommodations surrounded by the conservation work that we’re so well known for.”

Bindi says that profits from staying in the lodge will be used toward furthering their wildlife conservation work. The Irwins explain the lodge will “be as eco-friendly as possible.” There are endangered flora, nest boxes for birds, and sand and dirt from the local area compacted for the walls. There are even wildlife habitats for koalas, snakes, and more integrated into the lodge itself.

Wood from the Crocodile Grandstand built by Steve was recycled and will be incorporated into the lodge. “So, a lot of the lodge is actually, in a way, still kind of hand built by Dad,” says Robert. “And the three beautiful trees that you see out in the front, they were originally planted by dad in the zoo itself. So, a lot of it is really incorporating dad, incorporating Crocodile Hunter, and incorporating Australia Zoo into this experience as well.”

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“We are so excited to welcome you home to the Crocodile Hunter Lodge,” Bindi adds.

There’s no word on the exact date it will be open, although Bindi has previously said they will begin taking bookings in June.

People are so excited about this new lodge. “I’m about to cry! This is absolutely amazing!!” wrote one person. “It is one of my life dreams to visit Australia Zoo. The opportunity to lodge there, unfathomable! Congratulations and I know your dad would be so proud!”

Another said, “I can’t even listen to this without crying, we love you all so much for what you do, I think I cry because I know how happy and proud you’ve made Steve …🥰🥰🥰😭😭 Such a beautiful family ❤️.”

What a sweet way to honor The Crocodile Hunter and encourage wildlife conservation at the same time!

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