Easy-to-Follow Knitting Kits for Kids That'll Keep Them Busy for Hours

Growing up in today’s tech-savvy world has its share of benefits, but unfortunately that means many kids have too much screen time these days and not enough tech-free moments. The things is, though, once you introduce them to a board game, playing outside, and crafts where they can get their hands involved, they love it and can’t stop the fun. When you’re cooped up inside and they’ve run out of TV shows to watch and video games to play, why not help them pick up a new skill like knitting? There are so many fun knitting kits for kids that they won’t be able to put it down (and will also give you some much-needed “me time”).

There are so many reasons why getting them a knitting kit for kids is going to improve their creativity and other important life skills too. Not only does knitting teach them the value of patience, perseverance and problem solving, but they can proudly wear or display the piece of art they make. Whether they want to whip up a colorful bag to wear to school, a hat for those cold winter months, or a piece of art they can hang on the wall, they just might even be inspired to start their own knitting business on the side. Below, we’ve rounded up the best knitting kits for kids that will help them develop essential motor skills while having a blast doing it.

1. Darice Loom

If you’re particularly looking for a lightweight and portable knitting kit for kids to keep them occupied during a long car ride or other trip, this option can’t be beat. This kit comes with four different sized looms, one loom pick, one yarn needle, and a clear plastic carrying case to keep everything contained while you’re on the go. To get them started, it includes instructions on how to make a hat so they can get right to it. The looms are made of durable plastic, so they’ll be able to survive multiple trips and everyday wear and tear. Your little one will also love the bright, rainbow colored looms.

2. Melissa & Doug Weaving Loom

The world is their oyster with this do-it-all knitting kit for kids. The loom is one of the most versatile you can find. From colorful woven bags to pieces of art they’ll proudly display in their room, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the crafts they can come up with. By taking up knitting, your child can improve their concentration, hand-eye coordination, fine motor-skills, and self expression. This easy-to-use kit features knobs that are easy to grip so it’s a breeze to change frames when they’re switching up craft projects. This particular kit comes with four projects or they can make up to three animal tapestries.

3. Creativity for Kids Loom

Chances are this is your child’s first time giving knitting a whirl, so this knitting kit for kids will make learning this new skill easy to follow. It includes everything you need so they can get right to making fun pom-pom hats, sleeves for cups, cozy socks , and more. With 90 yards of rainbow-colored yarn, there are plenty of materials to go around. Whether they want to follow the instructions step-by-step or create something on their own once they’ve mastered the basics, they’ll have a blast getting their creative gears turning.

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