Gentle Baby Lotions for Your Little One's Delicate Skin

Taking care of your baby’s gentle skin isn’t a one-step process. After you’ve figured out the best baby shampoo and body wash that will clean without stripping away their natural oils while keeping their skin moisturized, you’ll need to follow it up with a rich baby lotion to lock in that moisture. Not all baby lotions are made the same, though, so it’s important to look at the ingredients and what type of skin concerns the formula may be best for.

When you’re picking out the best baby lotion to keep your little one’s smooth skin even softer, it’s important to look at the ingredients before you do anything. If your baby has any skin concerns that you want to target or simply be mindful of, such as eczema, you’ll want a formula that will help take care of that. Other things to consider include mild formulas that are safe for daily use, natural and organic ingredients, and ones for sensitive skin. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best baby lotions to ensure they have soft and supple skin that you won’t be able to resist.

1. Aveeno Baby Lotion

If your little one needs a bit more attention, then this eczema-targeted formula will help soothe their extra delicate skin. This baby lotion goes the extra step to relieve eczema with natural colloidal oatmeal, which prevents dry skin from popping up again by providing intense moisture to keep things under control. By keeping skin hydrated, it helps eliminate itching and irritation cause by eczema, so they’ll be happier too (and should prevent tears). This formula is fragrance-free, so you can ensure it won’t add more irritation to their already delicate skin.

2. Cetaphil Daily Lotion

Babies need a lot more TLC when it comes to everything, especially their skin. This mild baby lotion is safe enough to use daily so you’ll never have to worry about it stripping away their skin’s natural moisture if used on the regular. This tear-free formula is made with organic calendula, which rinses clean while leaving a soft, fresh scent that isn’t too overbearing. It’s also hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and colorant-free, so you can have peace of mind that this lotion is safe for their fragile skin.

3. Baby Dove Lotion

When it comes to baby lotions, you can never be too mild. This gentle baby lotion is safe enough to use daily, so when messes happen, you don’t have to worry if you’re over-washing them or harming their delicate skin. Best of all, this formula boasts a light fragrance that you both will love — and it’s safe for them. This rich lotion will keep their skin locked with moisture for 24 hours thanks to skin-natural ingredients that are made without dyes or parabens. If your little one has extra delicate skin, this sensitive skin solution is your best bet.

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