Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Her C-Section with Son Riley & Her Journey to ‘Love Myself All Over Again’

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Adjusting to your postpartum body is challenging for many moms, and Meghan Trainor is getting brutally honest about her experience after giving birth to son Riley, 2. The “Made You Look” singer, who is currently pregnant with baby number 2 with husband Daryl Sabara, shared that it took some time to get used to her c-section scar.  

“I made life. I gave birth. I had a c-section,” she said in a new interview with The Skimm. “And I’ve always struggled on loving myself and my body, and there’s a lot of new scars coming in, so I had to look at myself and start to love myself all over again from scratch.”

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That isn’t easy to do! I didn’t have a c-section, but I also struggled with loving my post-baby body, stretch marks and all. Trainor went on, “I’ve never had stitches. I’ve never broke a bone. I’ve never had a scar before. So, when my husband took off the tape, I almost fainted. Like, I’ve already been through the surgery, survived. Him ripping off this little Band-Aid, I was like, ‘Ahh!’”

It can be so hard to see your body in a new way, especially when you are already dealing with a rush of hormones, lack of sleep, and adjustment to motherhood all at the same time. The “All About That Bass” singer got really vulnerable in her interview, revealing that she even wanted to hide her body from her husband.

“I mean, I didn’t want to be naked in front of my husband,” she admitted. “And he looks at my c-section scar like, ‘This is where my baby came out, this is the most beautiful scar I’ve ever seen in my life.’ And I’m like, ‘I want to look at it like you do. How’d you figure that — you know?’”

How sweet is that? His love and support helped her see herself as the bad-ss woman and mother she is! She also talked about how she felt going back to work 3 months after Riley was born. “Mom guilt came immediately,” she shared. “So I have to try really hard to be easy on myself and be like, ‘I’m working really hard to show him you can be a working queen and be a mom.” Yes, girl!

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In a March 2023 interview with SheKnows, Trainor talked about how she pumped for three months before ultimately switching to formula. “I feel like I’m always going to give it a go,” she said about trying to breastfeed again with her second baby. Then she went on to explain how she believes her c-section impacted her milk supply. “But I also didn’t get my baby right away. I didn’t get my skin to skin at all,” she revealed. “My husband was the only one that got skin to skin because I was, like, a c-section so I couldn’t even go to him until I was all recovered. So I think my body was like, ‘The baby’s not out!’ and I’m like, ‘It is out!’ You know?”

“I couldn’t make milk for days, like almost a whole week. It was bizarre,” she added. “Even at my best milking days, it would be like a whole 12 hours of pumping for like a little bottle.” 

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