Prince William & Kate Middleton Consider This Element 'Key' for Raising Prince George

Raising a child is one thing, but bringing up the future King of England is something completely different. Fortunately, Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking a very practical, hands-on approach when it comes to parenting their eldest child, their 8-year-old son Prince George. The couple, who also share 6-year-old Princess Charlotte and 3-year-old Prince Louis, has been putting a major emphasis on allowing their children to express themselves, and there’s one element they reportedly consider the “key” to their parenting above all else.

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“The royals are renowned for being ‘stiff upper lip,’ but William and Kate have a more modern approach to parenting and are moving away from that mentality,” a source recently shared with Us Weekly. “Open communication is key for them… [But they] set boundaries and have rules in place.” Indeed, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge “are strict, but fair” when it comes to raising Prince George.

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The parents are, however, definitely putting an emphasis on their children’s wellbeing and ability to communicate their emotions in a healthy way, leaving a lasting impact on them through adulthood. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge really want their children “to express their emotions and ask questions to enable them to grow up as healthy adults,” the source reiterated.

Unlike his younger siblings, though, Prince George will have a slew of responsibilities upon assuming the throne when he becomes King of England one day. As such, his parents “want George to have a normal life” and “don’t want him to grow up too quickly,” the source continues. Much of that sense of normalcy for the future monarch extends past home — it also starts at school.

“He’s not called Prince George at school and is simply known as George, he mixes with children his own age,” the source elaborated. And at home, “Kate and William don’t shower him with expensive gifts nor do they over spoil him.”

It really seems as though Kate and Prince William’s approach to parenthood is giving Prince George everything he needs as he grows up. Along with ensuring their children feel free to express themselves, the couple also puts an emphasis on “raising their kids to be well-mannered and not take their status for granted.” All of these elements, with communication being of the utmost importance, can only help make the future King of England the type of person he needs to be before he assuming the throne.

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