This is Not a Drill: There Are Adorable New Squishmallows at Target

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There’s just something irresistible about Squishmallows. Like their name implies, they’re as soft and squishy as marshmallows, and just as sweet — but unlike actual marshmallows, kids can take them everywhere without making a sticky mess. Whether they’re being used as pillows for travel, cuddling companions for the couch, bedtime snuggle buddies, or just being played with like a regular stuffed animal, they’re super-plush and huggable … and we’re slightly obsessed.

Who can blame us for stanning our kids’ Squishmallows, though? Not only are they comfy to squeeze on, they’re adorable. Each one — and to date, there are over one thousand! — has its own unique look and back story. New characters are released regularly to update the squishy squad. And right now, there are some seriously cute new Squishmallows available at Target that we’re currently adding to our carts (especially the Easter ones — squeee!). You know, for our kids. … Right. Our kids!


Aimee the Chick

In her best pastel overalls and cute little bucket hat, 12″ Aimee the Chick is ready for spring (and perfect for an Easter basket!).

Bop the Bunny

Soft pink and 16″, Bop the Bunny’s bio says she “loves manicures and is the queen of nail design.” But even if squeezing her doesn’t result in an Instagram-worthy manicure, we’ll still love her.

Hank the Hippo

Swathed in a fetching Easter-egg shade of pastel teal with a little gray belly, Hank the Hippo is 16″ of ready to hug goodness. But our favorite thing about him are those adorable buck teeth!

Lexie the Cheetah

Cheetahs may not immediately conjure up images of Easter or even of spring, but we think Lexie the Cheetah’s pastel palette is … spot-on. (See what we did there?) She’s a jumbo-sized 18″ and hails from the Squishmallows HugMees collection.

Jarrell the Dino

16″ Jarrell the Dino wears his heart on his sleeve — er, tummy. According to his bio, he “loves a good hip-hop or lo-fi beat.” And honestly, Jarrell? Same.




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