Early Exercise Intervention Improves Knee Osteoarthritis

DENVER — Initiating exercise therapy early on in people who develop symptoms of knee osteoarthritis — even within their first year of pain or reduced function — is associated with modestly lower pain scores and modestly better function than in those whose symptoms have lasted longer, according to a study presented at the […]

New intracellular ‘smoke detector’ discovered

Researchers at the Universities of Bonn and Singapore have discovered a new intracellular “smoke detector.” The sensor warns of damage to the mitochondria—the microscopic power plants that supply the cell with energy. If it does not function properly, chronic skin diseases can result. The sensor may also be important for […]

The top 10 industries with the happiest workers

The saying goes that if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. From the time you leave education, until you’re around 65-years-old, you’ll go to work pretty much every day – so it helps if you actually enjoy it. But if […]

Divorce or Wait? ‘Underinsurance’ Forces Grave Decisions

Misty Selph and her husband sat together, taking in the weight of the moment. After 15 years together, the couple were contemplating divorce. Misty and Benji Selph still loved each other. They loved their busy lives working and shuttling their two children between school and baseball games in a small […]

An afternoon nap is shown to boost memory and mood

This Morning: Dr Zoe describes benefits of napping We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Research shows […]