BVG carries out its own checks – anyone who violates the mask of duty, will pay 50 Euro penalty

The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe want to send according to the “B. Z.” from Wednesday’s own control, your mask patrol. This task had taken on since the introduction of the mask duty of the police. 200 security guards are to be used. Who wears no mask, has to pay a fine of 50 Euro. On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on it – because, actually, the police and the clerk’s office are only for the enforcement of mitigation regulation with recovery of fines responsible.

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BVG-in-chief Rolf Erfurt: “We are ready”

The chief of the BVG, Rolf Erfurt, told the B. Z., to continue with that sense of proportion should be applied to the mouth-nose protection-controls. Especially in the case of Old as well as children and people with disabilities, a warning should be issued instead of a fine. A passenger does not comply, despite repeated requests, the Wearing of a mask, a penalty of 50 Euro is due. Who shouted at in addition to, and insulted, should be referred, according to the BVG from the Bus or the train, according to “B. Z.”.

That is not the case for the S-Bahn. These fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal police, which leads there is no mask controls.

Source: “B. Z.”

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