Enormous pandemic risk: Laschet Lockdown does not exclude in and around Gütersloh

You can see in the Video: Huge pandemic-risk – Laschet Lockdown does not exclude in and around Gütersloh.

ARMIN LASCHET (CDU), MINISTER President OF North RHINE-WESTPHALIA are: “Of the approximately 7000 workers at the site as of this afternoon, 1.106 employees have been tested. With a total of 803 positive Findings on Covid19.” “Still, we can localize the Events. To change this, it can also be a surface of the Lockdown ceiling in the Region is necessary.” “The place of residence of the largest part of the workforce is located in the districts of Gütersloh, Warendorf and Soest, as well as the cities of Bielefeld and Hamm.” “The broad distribution of places of residence and at the Moment still in the clarifications contained Details of all employees, involves the eruption in the case of Tönnies, a huge pandemic risk.” “It is important now that the quarantine is rigorously enforced. Currently there is a very large, in this Dimension so far unknown number of people at the same time in quarantine. We appeal to all, this quarantine, to keep that promise. And if it is not adhered to, we will enforce with all means available to us this quarantine.”