Grim Reaper scares bathers on the beach in Florida

You can see in the Video: Reaper protested on the beach at Corona-relaxations.

The death went, on the Friday on the beach in the U.S. state of Florida. There the lawyer, Daniel Uhlfelder was dressed as a grim Reaper. To protest against the fact that the beaches have been released in the Region again for the Public. In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic. His message, which does not want to long for everyone to hear: The Virus is still there and still lethal. These protesters in California, see it quite differently. They protest that all the beaches are re-opened. While some districts in the state had dared to take the cautious Opening up of their beaches, is California Governor Gavin Newsom to not at all agree. He left the beaches for part of the closing. And put the police and the coast guard for inspections. The question of how the current Situation is handled, splits, currently in California but also the country as a whole. Many believe that the pandemic was not claimed as bad and call for a broad easing of restrictions. Including many supporters of US President Trump are. On the other hand, those who warn caution stand. And before a second wave of Infection warn.