Inglorious exception: Infected – and death in the Land of isolate numbers in Scandinavia

Sweden is isolated due to its continued high Corona-Numbers of its Scandinavian neighbors increasingly. After Denmark and Finland, had left Sweden in easing its travel restrictions on the outside, followed by Norway with a similar model.


Between high mortality and immunity: Swedish exceptionalism is the result of the game

Holiday trips between Norway and the other Nordic countries of Finland, Iceland and Denmark including Greenland and the Faroe Islands are starting on Monday again without a ten-day quarantine, said the head of government Erna Solberg in Oslo. In the case of Sweden this was first, but only for the island of Gotland – the Rest of the country will not let a relaxation of the rules because of the Coronavirus Situation.

… with the exception of Sweden,

The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Oslo advises against the Norwegians in addition, more of not urgently necessary to travel to all other countries outside of Scandinavia. “In Norway, we have the outbreak under control,” said Solberg. Many wanted to now open now to Germany, where the Corona-Numbers similar to well as in Norway. But: “We can’t open everything at once. We have to proceed step by step,” said Solberg. Up to 20. July, as they wanted to check, whether the travel advice and quarantine could be modified, conditions, and certain other European countries.

Finland had recently announced to allow travel to and from the Baltic States, as well as all the Nordic countries, with the exception of Sweden on Monday. Denmark had already announced at the end of may, 15. June to open up its borders for tourists from Germany, Norway and Iceland, provided that you have booked at least six Nights. First of all, this was only for overnight Stays outside of Copenhagen. This restriction was however removed on Friday.

More Dead than in the Rest of Scandinavia

Sweden has gone in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic a different approach with more permissive policies. So far, around 4850 people with Covid-19 have been demonstrated in the country with approximately ten million inhabitants, nearly 50,000 infections, disease have died so far. That is more than four times as many deaths as in the rest of Scandinavia together.

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