Re-Corona outbreak in the göttingen high-rise building: 700 people under quarantine

In the face of about 100 new Coronavirus infection in a göttingen high-rise buildings is complex, is completely under quarantine. By the decision of nearly 700 residents are affected, like the lower Saxon city announced on Thursday. With the measure, the routes of Transmission of the Virus to be stopped, because the authorities assume that there is a high number of persons to contact in the first degree in the residential complex.

Whether the new cases, attracts the withdrawal of other locker in Göttingen, was not immediately known. The number of new infections in the past seven days, per 100,000 population increased for the town and district of Göttingen on 44,86.

New Covid-19-Cluster

The "Iduna Zentrum" in Göttingen – from the progress icon to the Corona-high-house

The second high-rise building outbreak in Göttingen

First, the complex two-Coronavirus in the living-infections known, then, the city had used on Monday and Tuesday a mobile test centre, with buses for residents. In total, nearly 700 people have been tested, to some extent, also outside of the complex. Further, about 60 test results are not yet available.

Previously, it was in a 18-storey high-rise building came complex on the Northern edge of the city center of göttingen, the Iduna-complex, to Corona onset. According to the city Council members of several families in may, there had in the case of private Hygiene to celebrate and spacing rules are violated.

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