Report Mainz: Many Doctors pry mask obligation with certificates

Nationwide many Doctors make, according to a report of the ARD magazine “Report Mainz” certificates against the mask of duty, without examining patients before medical. According to a report in the magazine you support an Initiative that belittles the Corona, and the response to the pandemic as covered criticized.


Welcome to the masquerade ball – like the corona of crisis, a particular Trend can be attributed

The Initiative “Doctors for enlightenment”, is, therefore, in the Internet, “generous” certificates against the mask duty issue. About 2000 supporters, have the Initiative according to its own information, including hundreds of doctors. The evidence, therefore, also to research by “Report Mainz”.

Doctors provide medical certificate without examination

The magazine has written more than 40 Physicians and a sample of a certificate for the exemption from the mask duty is asked and not for medical reasons, but because of personal dislike. About half of the contacted Physicians responded accordingly to the concealed question, none of them have rejected the Issue of such a certificate for ethical reasons. Others have confirmed that you can get at them, such a certificate. In the case of Physicians from four different States, the journalists were, therefore, the Test site and were given solely on the basis of an alleged rejection of the mask duty of a medical certificate.

From the point of view of the SPD politician Karl Lauterbach, the mandatory Mask requirement by means of succinct certificates will be undermined. “This is nothing else than that you need to have the medical, the medical authority to make a law to overturn it,” he said, “Report Mainz”. According to the Federal Ministry of health to Issue certificates, without the prior investigation, therefore, is also, in principle, inadmissible.

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