Living in a majority-black neighborhood linked to severe maternal morbidity

Residents in majority-Black neighborhoods experience higher rates of severe pregnancy-related health problems than those living in predominantly-white areas, according to a new study of pregnancies at a Philadelphia-based health system, which was led by researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The findings, published today […]

Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Her Toned Physique in a New Workout Video Right Before Her 40th Birthday

Alessandra Ambrosio is giving us a glimpse into how she keeps so fit. On Thursday, the 39-year-old model posted an Instagram video of herself working out. In the clip, the former Victoria's Secret Angel can be seen doing a variety of exercises, including lifting weights and kettlebells, working with a […]

Anxiety in a post-COVID world

A post-pandemic world is arguably near. Experts anticipate a “return to normal,” or the next iteration of normal, in 2022. Many people correlate the end of mask-wearing with the end of the pandemic, or see herd immunity as the marker for safety. Whatever goalposts people reference for pandemic’s end, there […]