Israel’s DreaMed, Yale Team Up on AI Diabetes Monitoring

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli medical software company DreaMed Diabetes said on Monday it was partnering with Yale New Haven Health System to use artificial intelligence (AI) in monitoring insulin and glucose levels in children with Type 1 diabetes. Underaged diabetics often find it hard to inject the right doses of […]

Drugs aren’t typically tested on women. AI could correct that bias

Researchers at Columbia University have developed AwareDX—Analysing Women At Risk for Experiencing Drug toXicity—a machine learning algorithm that identifies and predicts differences in adverse drug effects between men and women by analyzing 50 years’ worth of reports in an FDA database. The algorithm, described September 22 in the journal Patterns, […]

AI: A new tool for cardiac diagnostics

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be an aid to interpreting ECG results, helping healthcare staff to diagnose diseases that affect the heart. Researchers at Uppsala University and heart specialists in Brazil have developed an AI that automatically diagnoses atrial fibrillation and five other common ECG abnormalities just as well as a […]