Coronavirus UK: You could be increasing your risk every time you go to the toilet

Coronavirus passed a sobering milestone yesterday – one million deaths worldwide. With the most optimistic estimates putting the end of 2021 as a plausible deadline for vaccines and Europe currently engulfed in a second wave, governments and the general public must find sustainable ways of living with the constant threat. […]

Does vitamin C or D boost your immune system?

Vitamins are nutrients that your body needs to function properly and stay healthy. You should get most of these through a balanced diet, but some people might take supplements to ensure they get enough. This habit is more population the winter months as people try to stop themselves for catching […]

Sore eyes: How to prevent eye strain

Working from home has a good few benefits, from extra sleep to spending more time with your family. However, many of us will be experiencing eye strain accompanied by headaches and fatigue. Holistic therapist and yoga and meditation teacher Phoebe Greenacre collaborated with Lenstore to teach us how to prevent […]

Chicken pox symptoms: Why do we get chicken pox? Can you be immune?

Chicken pox is the name for that itchy red breakout of spots you might have had as a kid or even as an adult. It’s easily spread from person to person, but where does it come from? Can you be immune? has all the details you need to know about the […]

Coronavirus vaccine: WHO may stop nations ‘monopolising’ vaccine as huge ‘concerns’ emerge

Richer countries could attempt to “monopolise” a coronavirus vaccine, Professor Robin Shattock, the leading scientist of Imperial University’s trials, has warned. The expert spoke to about how the vaccine could be administered fairly throughout the planet. He pointed to global organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO) as effective […]

Sleep: How much sleep do you REALLY need? Is 6 hours enough?

A third Brits suffer from poor sleep, blaming sleepless nights on stress and work. However, a solid night’s sleep is necessary to stay healthy and live a long life. Sleep deprivation will make you feel down, encourage poor decisions, and increase your risk of injury and accidents at home, work […]

Coronavirus shock warning: People who get COVID-19 are staying sick for MONTHS says expert

Thousands of Britons have reported a failure to recover from coronavirus infections despite surviving the virus. Dr Charles Shepherd, a Medical Adviser for the ME Association, proposed the idea of a “post-COVID syndrome”. The expert joined a BBC Radio 5 Live discussion which callers who revealed they had been ill […]