Details about broadly neutralizing antibodies provide insights for universal flu vaccine

New research from an immunology team at the University of Chicago may shed light on the challenges of developing a universal flu vaccine that would provide long-lasting and broad protection against influenza viruses. The study, published October 22 in Immunity, explores the behavior of polyreactive antibodies—antibodies that are capable of […]

Peptides plus antibiotic combination may result in a more effective treatment for leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is caused by the protozoan Leishmania parasites which are transmitted by the bite of an infected sandfly. Although in rich countries this disease mainly affects dogs, in other countries it can wreak havoc on the health of humans, causing anything from ulcers to damage to the bone marrow, liver […]

BYU-Idaho students caught contracting coronavirus to donate plasma for cash will be 'suspended,' school says

COVID-19: Is plasma treatment ready for prime time? Alex Azar, HHS Secretary, discusses the FDA announcing emergency authorization for use of plasma treatment for COVID-19 Brigham Young University-Idaho officials warned students that they will be suspended and possibly “permanently dismissed” if they are found to have intentionally exposed themselves or […]