Is the new Covid strain only in the UK? Do any other countries have the Covid variant?

Jeremy Vine: Dr Sarah says new Covid strain 'game changer' Covid deaths have surpassed 70,000 in the UK, after a torrid 2020 turned everyday life upside down. Christmas plans have now been scrapped after scientists have identified a new Covid variant that appears to spread more easily among the public. […]

Covid mutation meaning: What is the coronavirus mutation? What does mutation mean?

Matt Hancock warns UK 'don’t blow it’ as COVID cases rise Public Health England is currently investigating the new strain, with scientists expected to provide results in around two weeks’ time.Health Secretary Matt Hancock told MPs today that the number of cases involving the new variant is “increasing rapidly”, saying: […]

Covid-19 variant: Is there a new strain of coronavirus?

Matt Hancock warns UK 'don’t blow it’ as COVID cases rise The Covid strain was first identified in Kent last week during routine surveillance by Public Health England, with ministers told about it on Friday. Now, 60 local authorities in England have reported cases of the variant of coronavirus. Health […]