F-Factor Diet Creator Suing Influencer for Posting 4,500 ‘Defamatory’ Statements About Company

F-Factor diet creator Tanya Zuckerbrot is suing influencer Emily Gellis for allegedly posting “4,500-plus false, defamatory and/or harassing statements” about the dietitian and her company. Zuckerbrot, 48, claims in the lawsuit, shared with PEOPLE, that Gellis has told her 207,000 followers that the high-fiber diet causes intestinal damage, heart attacks […]

Coronavirus UK: You could be increasing your risk every time you go to the toilet

Coronavirus passed a sobering milestone yesterday – one million deaths worldwide. With the most optimistic estimates putting the end of 2021 as a plausible deadline for vaccines and Europe currently engulfed in a second wave, governments and the general public must find sustainable ways of living with the constant threat. […]