Scientists develop a novel virus-like particle vaccine that protects animals against COVID-19 infections

University of Minnesota researchers have developed a novel virus-like particle vaccine against COVID-19. Having been successfully tested in animals, the novel vaccine—created as part of a study whose findings were recently published in the scientific journal PLOS Pathogens—offers a new approach in the global battle against COVID-19 and its emerging […]

Scientists map gene changes underlying brain and cognitive decline in aging

Alzheimer’s disease shares some key similarities with healthy aging, according to a new mathematical model described today in eLife. The model provides unique insights into the multiscale biological alterations in the elderly and neurodegenerative brain, with important implications for identifying future treatment targets for Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers developed their mathematical […]

Imperial scientists conduct COVID-19 testing on London’s transport network

Researchers from Imperial are working with Transport for London to regularly test the city’s transport network for the virus which causes COVID-19. Scientists from Imperial College London’s Environmental Research Group and the Barclay Laboratory conduct monthly sampling on the Tube and bus network and analyze for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So […]