Coronavirus UK: You could be increasing your risk every time you go to the toilet

Coronavirus passed a sobering milestone yesterday – one million deaths worldwide. With the most optimistic estimates putting the end of 2021 as a plausible deadline for vaccines and Europe currently engulfed in a second wave, governments and the general public must find sustainable ways of living with the constant threat. […]

Coronavirus vaccine: WHO may stop nations ‘monopolising’ vaccine as huge ‘concerns’ emerge

Richer countries could attempt to “monopolise” a coronavirus vaccine, Professor Robin Shattock, the leading scientist of Imperial University’s trials, has warned. The expert spoke to about how the vaccine could be administered fairly throughout the planet. He pointed to global organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO) as effective […]

When will gyms reopen in the UK?

While many industries have been given the green-light to reopen in England from July 4, questions remain about when the nation might be able to step foot in the gym again. Boris Johnson told the Commons on Tuesday that from this date, ‘most leisure facilities and tourist attractions will reopen […]