Study: Spanking May Change Children’s Brains

Rare is the parent who’s never so much as thought about spanking an unruly child. But a new study provides another reason to avoid corporal punishment: Spanking may cause changes in the same areas of a child’s brain affected by more severe physical and sexual abuse. Previous research has consistently […]

Fear, Stigma Stymie Care of Criminal Justice-Involved Outpatients

One of the greatest challenges psychotherapists face when working with justice-involved outpatients is a lack of familiarity with the criminal legal system, according to Debra A. Pinals, MD. Dr Debra Pinals “It’s certainly nothing we learned about in medical school or in our mental health training, per se,” said Pinals, […]

Service providers are crafting adaptations to combat the rise in domestic violence during the pandemic

A certain item purchased at the grocery store, a hand signal made during a video call, a numeric code pressed when dialing an emergency service like 911, or a specific word used at the pharmacy. All seem innocuous enough, but all are innovative ways that people experiencing domestic abuse can […]

New poll shows surge in anxiety among Americans over safety, COVID-19, health, gun violence and the election

According to a new public opinion poll released today by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 62% of Americans feel more anxious than they did at this time last year. That marks a sizable increase over APA polls of the past three years, in which the number has ranged between 32% […]

As domestic violence spikes, many victims and their children have nowhere to live

COVID-19 has left many victims of domestic violence facing difficulties feeding their children and accessing services for safe housing, transportation and childcare once they leave shelters, according to a Rutgers study published in the journal Violence Against Women. “Many survivors exiting domestic violence shelters are reporting difficulties in accessing resources […]