Higher education levels linked to greater well-being for Australian women, survey shows

Higher education levels are linked to higher levels of well-being for Australian women, according to a study published March 24, 2021 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Dai Binh Tran and colleagues from Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam. There’s conflicting evidence as to how education affects people’s well-being, with some research […]

Doctors debate use of blood thinners to prevent clots in women after C-sections

Nearly all women who deliver babies through cesarean section at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City receive injections of the blood thinner heparin for weeks after the procedure, to prevent potentially life-threatening blood clots. Obstetric leaders there say that’s good medical practice because the formation of those […]

Drugs aren’t typically tested on women. AI could correct that bias

Researchers at Columbia University have developed AwareDX—Analysing Women At Risk for Experiencing Drug toXicity—a machine learning algorithm that identifies and predicts differences in adverse drug effects between men and women by analyzing 50 years’ worth of reports in an FDA database. The algorithm, described September 22 in the journal Patterns, […]